Manufacturer`s Warranty

Status 07 / 2017

Beside the legal warranty STEPCRAFT offers you a manufacturer defect-free warranty for our own manufactured devices. In the unlikely event of having a warranty case of a third-party product, the individual manufacturer warranty will take place.

In contractual agreements with non-merchants (end customers), we provide a defect-free warranty for three years after date of purchase. In contractual agreements with merchants (between companies), we provide a one-year defect-free warranty after date of delivery. More so, the warranty is transferable for non-merchants (end customers) if the product is sold within the warranty period.

In the unlikely event of having a warranty case of a product do not hesitate to contact us:

An der Beile 2
58708 Menden
Tel.: +49 (0) 2373 179 11 60
Fax: +49 (0) 2373 179 11 59
Email: [email protected]

Our guarantee conditions:

Within the period of the guarantee, we will remove free of charge damages or defects, which can be proved to be based on a works mistake.

Customers must submit a written communication of any defects immediately after having detected it, but within the period of guarantee latest.

We will accept the return of merchandise that we acknowledge to be defective, and we will offer a repair. If a repair is not reasonable, we offer a non-defective replacement (complete or in parts). Parts replaced shall pass into our property and shall be delivered to us on request. Instead of a repair or replacement, we can offer compensation for the reduction in value of a defective product.

Further claims of consequential damages on the part of the buyer are excluded unless they are based on a defect covered by the warranty. The buyer must allow reasonable time and opportunity for the supplier for the correction of faults. If he refuses, then the supplier is exempt from responsibility due to defects.

A return of defective goods is only to be performed with our consent and in the original packaging or equivalent packaging. Freight costs are to be covered by the buyer. Return has to be shipped to the above-mentioned address, original purchase receipt has to be enclosed. A refund will only take place in case of a justified complaint. Our liability, regardless of the legal reason, is limited to malice and gross negligence.

A warranty repair or a replacement (complete or in parts) will not extend the period of guarantee, nor a new period of guarantee will start.

The freight costs for the return of the repaired or replaced goods are to be covered by the supplier.

If, after examining the product, it emerges that the product defect is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you to discuss further steps. In this case the freight costs for the return are to be covered by the buyer.

Any technical advice given will be to the best of our knowledge. All specifications and information available concerning suitability and application of our products are non-binding and do not exempt the buyer from performing their own tests and trials. The buyer is himself responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the use of the goods. For suitability of the product for specific purposes, we are only liable if it is expressly guaranteed in writing.

The guarantee and liability assured by Stepcraft are limited to damages that demonstrably occurred as a result of defective material, faulty design or poor execution. Damage due to natural wear and tear, insufficient maintenance, failure to observe assembly instructions or operating instructions, excessive, unsuitable or incorrect usage, as well as other reasons that Stepcraft does not provide for are explicitly excluded.

In no case can the buyer claim compensation for damage not caused to the delivered goods themselves, like for example loss of production, loss of use, loss of orders, lost profit and other direct or indirect damage.

The above limitations of liability do not apply in the case of damage to life, body or health, for defects covered by a guarantee regarding the product's state, or defects concealed with malicious intent. Liability under product liability law remains unaffected.

Where the liability of Stepcraft is excluded or limited, the same is also true of the personal liability of employees, representatives and agents.

A warranty claim does not include:

  • Parts subject to regular wear and tear (e. g. sealings, tooth belt)
  • Fragile parts (e. g. acrylic glass)
  • Consumable supplies (e. g. end mills)
  • Minor variation to the reference constitution without influencing the practical value of the product itself
  • Damages due to missing or improper maintenance as described in the operating manual
  • Operating errors, non-observance of the operating manual as well as damages by external influences (e. g. chemicals, heat, moisture, dust, overvoltage)
  • Damages because of to normal wear
  • Damages due to wilful damage
  • Product defects as a result of transport, assembly or operation
  • Consequential damages due to manufacturing defect
  • Improper installation or operation of the product
  • Damages because of improper usage of the product (e. g. tool damages due to intense usage within commercial production although tool is intended to be used by hobbyists)
  • Damages due to unauthorized repair attempts by the buyer without prior permission from the supplier
  • Damages by virtue of higher force or natural disaster