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Your System Choice Q.204
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Special Position Q.204
CNC Control Software Q-Series
  • Connection of the machine to the parallel port (LPT1) of the computer.
  • UCCNC (OEM) Paket complete
  • WinPC-NC is a software that turns every standard PC with a Windows operating system into a universal NC control system.
Machine Table for Q.204
  • Massive t-slot panel for the Q-Series with 6 mm thickness for stability and durability.
  • Machine table out of white coated MDF boards with aluminum M8 T-slots.
Other Software
  • VCarve Pro is a powerful and flexible software package in professional quality.
  • Vectric Cut2D Pro provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for cutting parts on STEPCRAFT CNC systems.
Milling Spindle
  • Extendable Tool Magazine for the HFS-2200-P-ATC offers five tool changer slots for tool holders SK30.
  • Air-cooled high-frequency spindle with 2.2 kW rated output with complete spindle control and CE compliant wiring
  • Tool changer spindle HFS-2200-P-ATC with 2.2 kW incl. complete spindle control and CE complaint wiring. 
  • Air-cooled high-frequency spindle with 2.2 kW rated output with complete spindle control and CE compliant wiring
  • With the Universal Tool Holder a variety of different tools with a Ø 43 mm clamping collar can be operated on the STEPCRAFT Q-Series. 
  • A STEPCRAFT miiling motor for daily use.
  • The AMB 1050 FME-P DI especially for the use with CNC portal milling machines.
  • Suitable for your AMB, Kress and STEPCRAFT spindle!

  • The worldwide first universal milling motor with an integrated tool changing function.
Other Tools
  • Use the Oscillating Tangential Knife OTK-3 to cut a variety of different materials quickly and with high-precision.
  • Easily operate the most different tools on your STEPCRAFT Q-Series. No disassembly of aligned milling motor needed.
  • The Clamping Set M8 enhances your flexibility when securing your workpiece to the T-slot table of your STEPCRAFT Q-Series.
  • Comfortable measurement with repaeting accuracy of the bottom edge of the cutting tool.
  • Effective cooling and lubrication of the milling tool for processing nonferrous metals.
  • For the comfortable and height-adjustable attachment of the lubrication system`s spray head in the Z-axis T-slots of the STEPCRAFT Q-Series.
Accessories for Q.204
  • Optimal illumination of the Enclosure.
  • Powder-coated steel arm for the Machine Stand with a surface of 450 x 600 mm for a laptop or keyboard/monitor.
  • Enclosure to protect the environment against noise and debris when operating your STEPCRAFT Q-Series, fits to Machine Stand.
  • Massive machine stand made from welded steel tubes for a stable stand of the Q-Series and the optional enclosure,
Your configuration

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The Q-Series sets new standards in the computer-aided individual and serial production. The powerful CNC system unites efficiency, precision and quality with modern industrial design and has been specifically constructed for industrial application. With production speeds of up to 12 m/min, a large variety of materials such as woods, plastics, aluminum, brass, carbon, and composites can be efficiently and precisely processed.

Intelligent Mix of Materials
Innovative solutions are combined with smart technology. This can be seen, for example, in the intelligent mix of heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and steel components on constructional highly-stressed areas. While the machine frame of the Q.204 is reinforced with six aluminum crossbars for an optimal distribution of forces, the gantry uprights are made of a 5-layered, powder-coated steel construction. Additionally, the linear guide system relies on the All-Steel Motion System? with Ø 20 mm hardened steel shafts and, thus, guarantees a high load capacity.

Solid Drive Unit
The Q.204 contains a solid drive unit, consisting of an actively-cooled stepper motor, which moves the ball screw drives including revolving nuts. This ensures maximum agility and precision. Additional useful features are the Z-axis that is equipped with six T-slots for the variable attachment of different tools, the electronic expansion box for the easy connection of signal-dependent components, the machine table that comes standard with aluminum T-slots offering the most flexibility when fixing your workpieces and accessories as well as the LED machine illumination for the optimal lighting of the working space. Furthermore, the Q-Series can be individually extended with a multitude of optional accessories.

OneTech? Quality Philosophy
All systems of the Q-Series are manufactured according to our unique OneTech? quality philosophy. This means that one machine is completely handcrafted and checked by one technician. Only after successful testing of all functionalities will a machine of the Q-Series receive the personal OneTech? quality seal and will leave our site with the respective test protocol and workpiece.

Note: The MDF T-Slot Table is not suited for the use with liquids because it can damage the wood.